Aim of the workshop

This is a collaborative workshop designed to bring together researchers working in the areas of automata theory and cyber-physical systems, and to get the two communities to collaborate closely.

The main aim of the workshop is to connect researchers with complementary expertise, in order to bring closer techniques from automata theory and those from applications in cyber-physical systems. The two communities have much to learn from each other, and we hope that working together, in problem-focused groups, will help us make progress on some key challenges. We also hope that the workshop will lead to joint research outputs and long-lasting collaborations.

Format of the workshop

We will run the incubator in an un-conference style, similarly to some Dagstuhl seminars and Autoboz workshops. This means that there will be only very few talks, on key topics in both areas. The goal of the talks is to set the stage for a discussion-based workshop by outlining current trends, open questions, and important research directions. There will also be a number of slots for 5-minute talks in which all participants can present open problems they are excited about. Participants will spend most of the time working together in mixed groups of PhD students, postdocs, and researchers and academics of all career stages to refine the questions into concrete, well-defined problems and to discuss ideas for their solution.

About the funding

This workshop is run as part of the Reimagining Recruitment project, conducted by the University of Bath and funded through the EPSRC Inclusion Matters programme. The aim of this project is to examine how collaborative workshops like this one can change how people think about each other as scientists, and through that, to explore how to drive culture change surrounding academic recruitment, especially at early career stages.

This means that participants may be contacted by researchers from the University of Bath to be asked for an interview, or to fill a questionnaire about their experiences at the workshop. There is no obligation to do so, but we hope that there will be volunteers.